After introducing a line of sewn leather industrial bellows post WWII, Dynatect® (formerly A&A Manufacturing Co, Inc.) began designing and manufacturing components used in virtually all types of equipment and machinery, becoming a single-source provider for machine protection, cable/hose management, and compartment roll-up doors. (Slip clutches, ball screws, and molded products were added in the last decade). Today, Dynatect is a market leader in industrial equipment protection with six production facilities and over 500 employees worldwide. Dynatect provides customer proximity all over the world thanks to its subsidiaries in Europe and Asia. Wisconsin-based.  Divisions include Gortite, Gortrac®, RoLab, Polyclutch, and LSI Leadscrews International. Represented by Keller since 1964.


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  • Nylatrac® open and closed, standard, and modular cable carriers

  • Automated machine and robotic cell doors

  • Sliding door automation retrofit kits

  • Aluminum roll-up doors and bed covers for vehicles, kiosks, and machines

  • Precision-ground ball screws

  • Ball screw repair and refurbishment

  • Custom urethane and rubber molding

  • Way wipers and telescopic wipers

  • Bellows covers

  • Roll-up covers

  • Machine way covers

  • Pit and tank covers

  • Gorplate covers

  • Telaflex® metal telescopic covers

  • Cover repair and refurbishment

  • Gortrac metal cable carriers

  • Gortube® metal enclosed cable carriers



NSK enables customers to achieve advancement in performance, enhancement in quality, reduction in space or maintenance, and improvement of life cycles in OEM equipment. NSK is synonymous with excellence, providing the highest quality products and integrated system solutions using precision ground ball screws, linear actuators, ball and roller bearings and direct drive motors to enable smooth and precise motion and control for OEM applications.  Keller has represented NSK’s linear precision division since 1985, whose domestic ball-screw manufacturing plant is located in Franklin, Indiana.


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  • Ball Screws, C0-C7

  • Linear Guides

  • Motor-less Linear Actuators

  • Motorized Linear Actuators

  • Direct Drive, Load-Bearing, High-Torque Rotary Servo Motors

  • Integrated Mechatronic Assemblies & Systems




With a motivated and committed approach, Lenze works together with OEM’s to create the best possible solution for setting ideas in motion - regardless of whether the goal is to optimize an existing machine or to develop a new one. As a global specialist in Motion Centric Automation, Lenze offers products, drive solutions, complete automation systems, engineering services and tools from a single source. Lenze is one of the few component manufacturers in the industry who works alongside an OEM through the entire development process of a machine – from initial ideas to the after-sales, from the control system all the way to the drive shaft.  Lenze is a $1B privately held corporation based in Germany, with US Manufacturing.  Represented by Keller since 1999.


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  • Integral Gearmotors

  • Permanent Magnet Servo Motors

  • Variable Frequency Drives VFD

  • Servo Drives

  • Motion Controller PLC

  • HMI

  • Electromechanical Sizing Software

  • IoT Industry 4.0 Cloud Connectivity

  • Automotive material handling, positioning, and robotic assembly

  • Consumer goods and packaging machinery

  • Intralogistics, material handling, and warehouse automation

  • Textile fabrication machinery

  • Converting and printing machinery




Altra is a premier global designer and producer of a wide range of motion control and power transmission solutions. With engineered components and systems that provide the essential control of equipment speed, torque, positioning, and other functions, Altra products can be used in nearly any machine, process or application involving motion. Altra is the parent company for prominent brands of traditional mechanical power-transmission component manufacturers, and the TB Woods Ductile Iron Casting Works. Of Altra’s many brands, Keller represents Ameridrives, Bibby, Guardian, Huco, Nuttall, Delroyd, Stromag, TB Woods, and Twiflex. Relationship with Keller dating to 1986.


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  • Universal Joints

  • High Performance Couplings

  • Gear Couplings

  • General Purpose Couplings

  • Open Worm Gear Sets

  • Standard and Custom Worm Gearsboxes

  • Custom Ductile Iron Castings for OEM requirements



GAM is a Chicago-based manufacturer of Gear Reducers, Servo Couplings, Linear Mounting Kits, Rack & Pinion solutions, and other innovative products used in automation technology. GAM’s product range is among the largest in the industry. GAM’s key strengths are its ability to modify standard designs, provide completely customized solutions, and integrated product assemblies to meet special application requirements — for low- to mid-volume OEM requirements. Being flexible to meet the needs of customer requests and great service are what set GAM apart from the rest. Keller was GAM’s first representative agency, starting in 1989.


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  • Inline and Right-Angle Precision Gearboxes

  • Zero-Backlash Robotic Gearboxes

  • Rack & Pinion Systems

  • Bellows & Elastomeric Couplings

  • Torque-Limiting Safety Couplings

  • Linear Mounting/Adapter Kits

  • Low-to-mid Volume Customized Reducers

  • Complete Drive Train Solutions


Detroit Edge

Detroit Edge Tool Company (DETCO) is a leading supplier of machine ways & rails, shear knives, surface grinding, large cnc machining, machine knives, flame hardening, wear plates & liners to industries globally, all while maintaining the values and commitment of a family-owned American manufacturing company. Relationship with Keller since 1970’s.


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  • Hardened Steel Ways

  • Steel Ways

  • Slideways

  • Ledges

  • Scrap Knives

  • Recycling Knives

  • Demolition Waste Knives

  • Metal Cutting Shear Blades

  • Mattison Grinding

  • Blanchard Grinding

  • Precision Grinding

  • Large Surface Grinding

  • Casting Machining

  • Fabrication Machining

  • Weldment Machining

  • Base Machining

  • Wear Plates & Mill Liners

  • Carpet, Paper, Sheeter, & Textile Knives

  • Flame Hardening


Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions / KoolantKoolers

Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions (GDTS) manufactures innovative cooling solutions that can provide unparalleled system uptime, precise temperature control, energy efficiency and the lowest total cost of ownership. GDTS is the North American manufacturing center for Koolant Koolers chillers and the sales and service center for Riedel chillers. Leveraging more than 60 years of expertise in thermal management systems, GDTS equipment is backed by 24/7, global service and support and 18-month warranty. Represented by Keller since 1985.


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  • Process Fluid Chillers; Portable or Fixed

  • Machine Tool & Laser Chillers

  • Water or Air-Cooled; Pressurized or Non-Pressurized

  • Heat Transfer Oil Systems

  • Modular Chillers with N+1 Redundancy

  • Heat Exchanger Packages / Skids

  • Economizers

  • Custom Chillers for OEM Equipment




Eriez’ offers the metalworking industry high-quality fluid recycling, magnetic separation and material handling equipment solutions. Eriez fluid recycling equipment maximizes coolant effectiveness and longevity, enabling customers to improve productivity and reduce disposal costs. Powerful Eriez Lifting Magnets safely and quickly move, lift or position raw and semi-finished steel materials. Eriez Vibratory Feeders and Conveyors efficiently move high volumes of raw materials or provide precise metering for process and packaging applications.

Eriez’ Metalworking Demo Truck is a 32-foot Peterbilt diesel rig with a 24-foot equipment showroom that travels across North America to deliver hands-on training and education to customers and distributors, right in their parking lot.

Keller has represented the Metalworking division of Eriez in Western PA since 2008.


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  • Lift magnets

  • Magnetic material handling equipment

  • Magnetic separation equipment

  • Vibratory feeders and conveyors

  • Machine tool fluid recycling




Safety for people, machines, and products has been Euchner’s mission since 1953. Keller has represented Euchner in Upstate NY since 1999.


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  • MGB Multifunction Gate Box

  • Magnetically Coded Safety Switches

  • Transponder/RFID Coded Safety Switches

  • Electromechanical Safety Switches

  • Locking & Non-Locking Safety Switches

  • Plastic, Metal, and Hybrid Safety Switches

  • ATEX-Rated Safety Switches

  • Safety Relays and Safety Controllers

  • Enabling Switches and E-Stop Devices

  • Light Curtains

  • Electronic Key Systems

  • Custom Handheld Pendant Station

  • Joystick Switches

  • Limit and Precision Position Switches

  • RFID Identification Systems



Leantechnik has pioneered linear load-bearing, moment-supporting gear-rack drive systems for precision and high-load positioning systems. Keller has represented Leantechnik since establishing its US salesforce in 2018.


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  • Modular rack & pinion based linear actuation system

  • Unique in that it both carries a load (like a linear guide), but on the rack which drives the motion



Founded in 1938, Ogura is the world's largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes. Current production capacity is over 30 million per year. Ogura is known for high quality products and continuous innovation, and is ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and IATF 16949:2016. certified. With over 3,000 models in production and custom production capability, Ogura is sure to meet specific OEM application requirements. Represented by Keller since 1971.


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  • OEM Sales Only

  • Off-the-shelf, Semi-Custom, Fully-Custom capabilities

  • Electromagnetic Clutches, Brakes, and Clutch/Brake designs

  • Electric and Permanent Magnet Slip Clutches

  • Supercharger Blowers for Air or Hydrogen

  • For Lawn & Garden Equipment, Off-Highway Mobile Machinery, Industrial Equipment, Marine Vehicles, Medical Equipment, Office Equipment, Robotics & AGV’s




Omni Gear provides world markets with precision quality open gearing, enclosed drives, and electrification solutions in production lots of 50 to 10,000 pieces. With American ownership and management in Texas, Omni Gear supplies value engineering and manufacturing solutions for agricultural, mobile off-highway, and industrial vehicle and equipment OEM’s. 70+ Years of engineering and manufacturing experience in total; 40+ of that in Asia.  Represented by Keller since 2015.


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  • Open gearing and enclosed drives in production lots of 50 to 10,000 pieces

  • Standard Gearboxes for Mobile Equipment

  • Electric Gear Motor Solutions for Mobile Equipment

  • Electrification Solutions for All-Electric and Hybrid ICE-Battery Equipment

  • Custom forgings




Paletti USA in suburban Philadelpha, PA is part of a multinational company specializing in the production and assembly of T-slotted aluminum extrusion systems for structural and workstation requirements, linear motion systems, precision fabrication assemblies, and perimeter guarding and fencing. Represented by Keller since 2014.


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  • Aluminum Profile Structural Framing System

  • Aluminum Extrusion Linear Motion Guides & Actuators

  • Perimeter Guarding & Fencing

  • Precision Fixturing


Rollon Product range with background.jpg


ROLLON is a manufacturer of linear motion systems, telescopic guides, linear actuators, Cartesian robots and seventh-axis systems. The company's products include compact rail linear guides, telescopic rails, actuators, gantry systems and seventh-axis solutions that are designed to meet the requirements of engineers involved in designing for applications in the fields of industrial automation and robotics. Rollon has a dedicated engineering staff located throughout the USA and servicing all North America.  Our engineers are experienced in applications across a variety of industries including plant assembly, packaging machinery design, industrial automation, machine tools and robotics, semiconductor, medical and pharmaceutical plus other capital equipment such as construction and specialty vehicles, aircraft, and passenger trains. Represented by Keller since 2018


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  • Linear and curved guides with ball and roller bearings, with hardened raceways, high load capacities, self-alignment and capable of working in dirty environments.

  • Telescopic linear bearings and guides

  • Linear actuators with belt, screw or rack and pinion drives, and with bearings or ball recirculating systems for different load capacities and critical environments.

  • Integrated actuators for industrial automation, from machinery servo systems to high precision assembly systems, packaging lines and high speed production lines.

Werma Products --- Titelbild_ebenen.jpg


"Clever solutions that simply work” – this has been our goal at WERMA for decades, and customers from all over the world confirm our success day after day. As one of the worldwide leading companies, producing visual and acoustic signaling devices, our solutions make working environments safe and processes more efficient – whether used on machines or manual workstations, in factory halls or entire buildings. From signal towers and signal lamps to horns and sirens - our signaling devices warn, guide and protect people around the globe. Our unique signal towers can be easily turned into machine data acquisition systems. Networked signaling technology also optimizes procedures to save end-users time and money. Represented by Keller Since 2001


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