For a successful Manufacturers’ Representative nearing retirement — but without a succession plan or exit strategy — Keller’s infrastructure, synergistic product offering, and creative approach help the senior rep achieve both a return on his/her book of business, and, a more enjoyable work-life balance so he or she may begin to take their foot off the gas.

Among the options and benefits:

  • Successful track record of rep firm acquisition/merger

  • Potential enhanced income resulting from Keller’s already synergistic linecard with your existing customers

  • Admin staff and outside sales staff provide coverage to allow for real vacations

  • Doing right by your long-time customers, principals, and/or employees

  • Reduced paperwork; full-time admin staff to do reporting, bookkeeping, data entry, CRM, etc.

  • Best-in-class software, devices, in-house and outsourced IT support

  • Potential 401k, profit sharing, health insurance, dental insurance, etc.

  • Business expense reimbursement

  • 1099 or W2 status

Interested in exploring a conversation about your next step? Feel free to call or Greg or Vin, or simply click here to send an email to both. We understand the sensitive nature of conversations like these, and, would be happy to exchange a Non-Disclosure Agreement at the appropriate point.