Fast Facts

Keller Industrial Geographic Coverage

  • 25+ Years Average Tenure with Key Principals

  • Highest gross margin territory of one major principal

  • Compounded 17% growth over 18 years with a major principal

  • Two Degreed Engineers on Staff

  • Active Customer Locations >5000


Keller’s advantages

Market Knowledge
Our sales professionals have served their territories for many years, having raised their families and participated in sporting and charity work locally. We understand the relationships between distributors and OEMs, and, in many cases, have been calling upon our OEM customers for more years than many of their own employees have been there themselves.

Market Penetration
Offering of complimentary products from best-in-class manufacturers for many years has given us in-depth knowledge of the OEM base. Our other lines give us reason to stay in the forefront with customers when one product line may prove to not be a great fit for a current design cycle.

Distributor Relationships
Our existing relationships with both AHTD and PTDA distributors multiply our salesforce presence, and help us build value into your product sales with our distributors’ ability to provide engineering services, kitting, and turnkey assemblies or systems.

Selling Skills
Keller’s professional development classes in outside selling have included MRERF’s Certified Sales Professional program, and InfoTeam’s Winning Complex Sales, among others.

Turn-key Territory and Account Management Skills
Sales follow-up, Territory Management, Account Management, Lead Follow-Up, Synergistic Selling, Complex Sales, CRM, Long Sales Cycles, Distribution Management, Industry & Local Expertise, Buy-resell & Inventory Capability.


MANA’s advice on why it makes sense for Manufacturers to sell through Reps/Agents


Predictable Sales Costs That Go Up And Down With Sales
The manufacturer and rep agency agree in advance on a set rate of commission and the rep agency pays all selling expenses.

Lower Sales Costs
It is estimated that the fully burdened cost of supporting an industrial sales territory with a factory-direct salesperson is $150,000 to $200,000+ per year. And manufacturers sometimes find that high-value territories require more than a single factory-direct salesperson to provide adequate coverage, which can double, triple, or even quadruple that cost. Manufacturers who utilize a salesforce of independent manufacturers’ representatives often report achieving deeper market penetration than they could achieve with factory-direct salespeople and direct cost savings of 30-45%.

Increased Sales
The average factory-direct salesperson is in a territory for two years or less before he or she is promoted, transferred or defects to a competitor for more money. The multi-line sales agency has a lifetime commitment to the territory, thus holding better relationships with the customers, and better knowledge of the products and applications.

Immediate Access To The Market
Sales rep agencies are an experienced sales team already in invested in the territory. They are familiar with the market and have good prospects ready to consider the new line. Many agencies have multiple sales personnel and provide much deeper coverage than a single direct sales employee. Also, rep agencies can provide excellent coverage in many niche markets.

Sales Forecasting Is Equal Or Superior To A Direct Sales Force
The volume of future sales is no less predictable with reps, but forecasting it may be better with reps since so many of today’s reps use sales analysis and forecasting methods which are often more sophisticated than those of the manufacturers they represent.

Broader Sales Context For Your Product
Because reps sell several compatible items, they call on a wider variety of prospects and customers, often finding applications for products denied the single-line factory salesperson.The easiest person to sell something to is the customer who is already buying from the salesperson.

Provides Marketing Flexibility At Less Cost
A rep firm can increase your volume by selling outside your present marketing channels.

Free consulting services
Most independent sales agents have 15-20 years of successful corporate experience under their belts. Many have held positions in large corporations prior to becoming agents.

Cost of Training And Turnover In Sales Personnel Is Eliminated
A new agent has only to learn your company’s products, culture and systems. All reps are well-versed in selling skills so you won’t have to train them how to sell. The average agency has been in business in the same territory over 20 years, whereas the average employee only stays in the same place two years or less.

Highly Experienced, More Aggressive Sales Force
Today’s multi-line field sales agent is highly educated and trained. Since there is no base salary to rely on, they must sell to live.

Creates A Solutions Approach To Selling
Most customers today will agree to see and buy from only those salespeople who take problems off their desks and bring opportunities to their attention. The multi-line, complementary package of products tends to make reps solution-oriented rather than a single-product-oriented. Customers welcome these consultative, solutions-based sellers.

Every Call Is A Relationship Call For Your Company
Even when the rep doesn’t present your product, he or she is cementing the customer relationship which will benefit your company in the future.

Multi-faceted, Multi-skilled Sales Team
Many multi-line sales reps also have multi-industry experience, some holding professional certifications in a variety of industries.

Better Market Intelligence
Since they carry a mix of products, multi-line rep agencies have a greater diversity of customers, and often can get wind of industry trends long before a factory direct salesperson.

Vested Partner In Manufacturer’s Success
Since a rep agency must sell to live, your rep agency is interdependent with your firm. Your success is their success.



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